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The birds have a stocky constitution, a short beak. Their wings are rounded. The tail consists of 18 feathers and appears wedge-shaped when viewed from the side. In birds, sexual dimorphism is expressed. Males are brightly colored, with shades of red, brown and black prevailing. The plumage is fully formed in the second year of life. Males have short spurs. On the head on both sides of the summit, due to the cavernous bodies, fleshy bumps are formed, on the throat with thin plumage, brightly colored skin in the form of a lapel. The plumage of females is dominated by shades of brown.

1. Distribution

Birds prefer dense, humid mountain forests at an altitude of 1000 to 4000 m above sea level. The distribution area stretches from the Himalayas to the mountains of northern Burma, as well as Central and Southern China.

2. Lifestyle

Tragopans live in pairs. They are very timid, cautious and secretive birds. They often keep in the crown of trees, where they not only feed, but also nest. The female builds a nest, lining it with branches and leaves. Abandoned nests of crows or diurnal birds of prey are sometimes also used. Males begin mating in March. At the same time, fleshy bumps on the head, as well as the lapels on the throat, swell for a short time. The female lays with an interval of 2 days in general from 3 to 6 cream-colored eggs with brown specks, of which chicks with relatively developed wings hatch after 28 days. Tragopans' diet consists primarily of plant parts such as buds and leaves. Berries, seeds and insects are also eaten in small quantities.

3. Types

There are five types in the genus:

  • Tragopan satyra
  • Gray-bellied Tragopan Tragopan blythii
  • Brown-bellied Tragopan Tragopan caboti
  • Black-headed tragopan Tragopan melanocephalus
  • Ocellated tragopan Tragopan temminckii

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The black-headed tragopan lives only in the western part of the Himalayas at an altitude of 2400 3600 m above sea level, the red-headed tragopan inhabits the mountains of Assam and. Tragopana video search, watch or download tragopana videos. Chicken pheasants and tragopans, or domestic ungulate worms, pheasants, tragopans, they, as well as employees. Tragopan satyr Descriptions and photos of animals Non-commercial. Collection Crimson tragopans 42x52 cm 2 pcs 2 pcs. 1 rating. Article: kvk472757. Regular Price: RUB19,960 Our price: 9 980 rub. Price for time. Tragopans Satyr, Other birds, Birds, Voronezh Tragopan city Tragopan satyra. The plumage of the roosters of the satyr tragopans is very thick and variegated: it has a black head and body. Tragopans Bird cattery. Tragopans satyr, temminka, black-headed, brown-bellied, gray-bellied description, photo, lifestyle, reproduction. Tragopan: what they look like, where they live.

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Tragopans belong to the pheasant family and have bright plumage. Pheasants - from the pheasant subfamily, the order of chickens. And those and others. Tragopans. Tragopan Cuvier, 1829 Tragopans. Pheasant. Tragopans live in pairs. They are very timid, cautious and secretive birds. They often keep in the crown of trees, where they not only feed, but also.

TRAGOPAN SATYR Tragopan satyra.

Ocellated tragopan lat. Tragopan temminckii is an incredibly beautiful bird from the pheasant family that lives in the Himalayan region. 27. ConsultantPlus. Bird tragopan satyr: who is she? If you ever find yourself in mysterious and attractive states that. Buy pheasants, monal, tragopans and eared pheasants in Mezhdurechensk. Description and appearance. All five species of the genus Tragopan Tragopan have common features, namely: males and females are clearly distinguished in appearance. Tragopan: what they look like, where they live, what they eat In the animal world. Painting Pictures In The Apartment Collection Crimson tragopans from 2 x paintings, Paper art. KVK1 227236944, Russia in stock with fast delivery. TRAGOPANS is What are TRAGOPANS ?. Download Stock Photo Tragopan Satyr Popular Stock Photo Bank Affordable Prices Millions of royalty free photos, images and clip art in.

Blyth's Tragopans to Blythi Tragopans by Archibald Thorburn.

Duration: 3:35. Collection Crimson tragopans of 2 x paintings. Donkeys, mini horses, ponies, amphiums, worms, pheasants, tragopans - they, as well as the employees who look after them, are the next heroes. Lithograph Collection Crimson tragopans of 2 x paintings. Ocellated tragopan lat. Tragopan temminckii is an Asian bird of the pheasant family. The specific epithet is given in honor of the Dutch zoologist K. Ya. Tragopana with comments. TRAGOPANS: TRAGOPANS. Tragopan, genus of pheasant. L. 60 70 cm. The plumage of the male is variegated, with red and white head is naked, two above the eyes.

Eared pheasants appeared in Novosibirsk

Korea brand-eyed Tragopan Tragopan Temminckii 25 Korean Chon 1976.95.29 rub. Located: UK. RUB 149.20 for delivery. Cognitive transmission Dialogues about animals When. The composition of the collection, 1. Crimson tragopan, lithography, 1840, 2. Gray-bellied tragopan lithograph, 1840. For rooms, Hall Entrance hall Country house.

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TRAGOPANS, horned pheasants Tragopan, genus of birds neg. chickens. Males reach 61–73 cm in length and weigh 1.4–2.1 kg, females - 50–60 cm in weight. Bird tragopan satyr: who is she? Animal Reader. The blue-throated tragopan, or also the ocellated tragopan, is named after the Dutch ornithologist Konrad Jacob Temminck 1778 1858. Tragopan. Pheasants, buy a pheasant, prices. Announcement No. 14125 for sale: Pheasants Monala, Tragopans Satyr, Teminco, Eared, Gold, Diamond, Silvery, Hunting You will buy the city of Tragopany satyr, temminka, black-headed Ofremont. Horned pheasants or Tragopans Trаgopan Black-headed tragopan. Tragopan Blyta Tragopan Cabota Tragopan Satyr Ocellated tragopan or.

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Tragopan temminckii Tragopan temminckii. Photo by: BigTallGuy. The name Tragopan is most likely derived from the Greek. Pheasant. Family of Web birds. Gray-bellied tragopan Tragopan blythii. The size of an adult individual is 63 69 cm. This is one of 5 types of tragopans that live in the forests of East Asia. Decorative pheasants in Moscow Pheasants Tenebrosus, LLC on. Brown-bellied tragopan Tragopan caboti Tragopans are a genus of birds belonging to the pheasant family and, accordingly, to the order. Tragopan satyr is also known as Indian tragopan, red. Family - Pheasant Phasianidae. Genus - Tragopans or Horned Pheasants Tragopan. This tragopan got its name from the Dutch.

Tragopan: Imitate aliens to frame females.

Tragopans are a genus of birds of the pheasant family. Pheasant tragopan: description of the temminck bird Old farmer. Pheasants, Tragopans, Demoiselle Cranes, Mandarin ducks. Pheasants, Tragopans, Krasavka Cranes, Mandarin ducks. Contact. Tragopan Satyr Ural courtyard. Tragopan as look where they live what they eat Horned pheasants, or tragopans Tragopan Satyr Tragopan satyra is common in.

Painting Pictures In The Apartment Collection Crimson Tragopans.

Tragopan: Imitate aliens to frame females. May 30. Once, when Vladyka was distributing names to his creations and recording everyone in. Horned pheasants, tragopan Tragopan horned pheasant, male current. In the Voronezh nursery of the Birds of Happiness, hatching tragopans Satir went on sale, the price is indicated for a pair. The address. Voronezh, Tragopany, satyr, temminka, black-headed Tragopan black-headed, Tragopan western, or Jevar, Tragopan melanocephalus lives in the high-mountain forests of the Northwest Himalayas.

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The amazing tragopans of Bioluh's pick-up post. Comments 23, save 156. Join the discussion or. Pheasants Monala, Tragopans Satyr, Teminko, Eared, Golden. Tragopan satyr lat. Tragopan satyra, known in various sources as red tragopan, Indian tragopan, and even red mountain tragopan. Rosselkhoznadzor returned the confiscated ones to Kazakhstan. Published: 29 oct. Oct 2018

Tragopan: She really wants to please the female Zoo Animals.

Tragopan: how they look, where they live, what they eat All five species of the Tragopan genus have common lines, namely: males and. Ocellated tragopan lat. Tragopan temminckii. Pheasant nursery Tibet sells Himalayan monals, tragopan satyrs and teminka, white, brown and blue eared.

To buy tragopans of Satir in the Voronezh region Animals and.

With specks, the female is noticeably smaller. Tragopan satyr is common in the central and eastern parts of the Himalayas in India. Ani Chicken Birds: Animal World. Tragopan satyra Tragopan satyra is common in the central and eastern parts of the Himalayas. Male and female are very different in size and. Tragopan what they look like where they live what they eat Agro Expert. In captivity, virgin and dwarf quails lived up to 9-10 years old, tragopans up to 14, African peacocks, golden pheasants, wood grouses up to 15-20. Tragopan Temminka Bird cattery. Visitors could see a collection of pheasants such as Red-backed Pheasant, Big Argus, Tragopans, birds of prey, Malay Gomray.

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Description and appearance

All five species of the genus Tragopan have common features, namely:

  • males and females outwardly clearly differ (sexual dimorphism),
  • males are larger (average weight 1.5–2 kg), brightly colored, they are dominated by red, brown and black colors, there are additional attributes (tuft, spurs, etc.) that females do not have,
  • females are smaller (on average 1–1.5 kg), color is modest, mostly shades of brown,
  • the body of these birds is dense, stocky,
  • on the head of the males there are fleshy, horn-like growths, the beak is short, the eyes are brown, the head of adult males is decorated with a tuft,
  • the neck of birds of both sexes is short, on the throat of males there are brightly colored skin folds in the form of lapels,
  • legs are short, in males they are decorated with spurs,
  • rounded wings,
  • the tail is short or medium in size, from the side it seems wedge-shaped.

General description of the tragopan Satyr

Tragopan Satyr, like all other members of the genus, has a pronounced sexual and age-related dimophism.

Adult male: The upper part of the body is brown, covered with small white eyes with a black border. The spots on the sides of the crest, neck, upper back of shoulders and upper chest are dark red with black and white eyes, which become larger and grayer below on the belly.

The tips of the tail are black. The upper part of the head and the spots on the neck are bluish-black. Brown eyes, black beak. The facial part of the head and throat are devoid of feathers and are painted in dark blue. During the mating season, males of the Satyr tragopan show fleshy bright blue shiny horns on their heads (7.5 cm in size), as well as extraordinary earrings - a wide skin fold up to 10 cm long in blue with pale green edges and 4-5 crimson triangular spots on each side. The legs are pink. The size of an adult male tragopan is 68-72 cm, and its weight is from 1.6 to 2.1 kg.

Male of the first year of life: Looks like a female, but larger and taller on the legs, with a black crest, with a lot of reddish brown on the neck and upper back, there are already red spots on the chest with a few white eyes.

Female: Colored brown-red with black streaks, darker above and lighter below. The tail is red or brown with irregular black and dark yellow stripes. Brown eyes and beak. Whitish gray legs. Females of the Satyr tragopan are usually much smaller than males 58-61 cm, and from 1 to 1.2 kg.

Types of tragopans

As mentioned above, the Tragopan genus includes five species. Let's briefly describe the characteristic features of each of them.

    Black-headed or western tragopan (Tragopan melanocephalus) - the male is distinguished by a black cap on his head, equipped with a tuft with a red tip. There are no feathers on the cheeks and in the area around the eyes; these areas of the skin are painted in bright red. Part of the neck and part of the chest are red, but the throat is dark blue. The horny growths on the head are blue. The rest of the body is predominantly black with white and red spots. The coloration of females consists of brown, gray and reddish tones interspersed with white. The average weight of the male is 1.8–2 kg, and that of the female is 1.3–1.4 kg.

Brown-bellied or tragopan Cabot (Tragopan caboti) - males have a black cap on their heads with a black-orange crest. The part of the head around the eyes and beak is devoid of feathers and is colored bright orange. The chest and abdomen are creamy white, the rest of the body is brown, covered with white spots with a black border. The coloration of females is mainly brownish-red with whitish spots. The average weight of a male is 1.2–1.4 kg, while females weigh 0.8–0.9 kg.

Ocellated or tragopan temminckii (Tragopan temminckii) - many consider this species to be the most beautiful of the entire Fazanov family. On the head of males there is a black-orange crest and blue growths-horns. From the throat hangs spectacular outgrowths similar to the lapels, blue-turquoise in color with red spots. There are no feathers on the face, the skin is blue. The other body is covered with dark red or rusty feathers with white spots in a black frame. Females have modest brown-gray plumage. The male weighs on average 1.3-1.4 kg, the female weighs 0.9-1.0 kg.

Gray-bellied or tragopan Blyth (Tragopan blythii) is the largest representative of this genus. Males have a bright red crest with a black stripe on their heads, the front part of the head is yellow, and has no feathers. The neck and chest are red, the belly is smoky gray, other parts of the body are red-brown, covered with white spots. The color of females is dominated by brown with brown, black and white spots, their abdomen is gray. Males weigh on average 2.1 kg, females up to 1.5 kg.

Tragopan satyra, he's Indian. The head is decorated with a black tuft with dark red spots, as well as blue growths-horns. The area around the eyes and growths-lapels on the larynx are devoid of feathers and are colored blue. The chest, part of the neck and back are red, covered with white spots in black edging. The back is brown with the same white spots. The female has a brown-red plumage with black and light spots. Males weigh 1.6–2 kg, females weigh 1–1.2 kg. - Sale of exotic animals

Ocellated tragopan, or tragopan temminki, or Teminsky's tragopan (Tragopan temminckii)