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Latin name - Pomacentrus moluccensis
English name - Molucca damsel Conditions of detention:

  • min. aquarium volume: from 100 to 200 l
  • secrecy: gregarious
  • suitable for reefs: both hard and soft corals
Suitable feeds:
  • dry food
  • frozen feed


Bird honey or the Purple Tanager Honeymoon is a bird of the Tanager family (Thraupidae). The adult male honeypiper is one of America's most beautiful birds. They have the tip of the tongue with a special brush that helps to suck up the nectar from the flowers (hence the name). The beak is long, black, curved downward. There is sexual dimorphism. The male is purple with black wings, tail and belly and bright yellow legs. From the corners of the base of the beak to the crown there are stripes of sky-blue color. In females and young birds, the top is green, and the bottom is beige-yellow with green stripes. The throat is brown with blue stripes. All young birds look like females, but males can be distinguished among them even before the molt is completed, since individual purple feathers are visible on their heads.

The natural living space of the purple honeydew tanager is the upper layer of the forest, and is also found on cocoa and citrus plantations. The female builds a small cup-shaped nest in the tree. In clutch there are 2 white eggs with chocolate-red spots, incubation lasts for 12 days. The nesting period for the development of chicks is 14 days. Often forms small groups. It feeds on nectar (mainly from flowers of plants of the bromeliad family and similar species), berries and insects, mainly in the crown of trees.

Honey suckers live in the northern part of South America, in the Amazon and Guiana basins, the coastal border of the range runs west of the Andes, including in the southern part of Panama. In the south, its range extends to the west of the Pantanal. Most often honey-sucking birds are found at an altitude of about 1000 m above sea level, but they were also seen at altitudes up to 2300 m.The average bird length is 10 cm (up to 11.5 cm), weight is 12 grams. Trinidad's Cyanerpes caeruleus longirostris subspecies has a longer beak than continental forms.

This is a very brave and inquisitive bird, often readily responds to the call of a passerine owl (Glaucidium brasilianum) and coming out of the hiding place itself looks for this predator. The inviting cry sounds like a high "sriy".

Brusko Minican Pod System by Aspire

In the world of vaping, situations are quite common when various manufacturers (and often competitors) combine their ideas and release interesting and original devices. There are many examples of this, especially in the field of cooperation between vape companies and reviewers, thanks to which many of the bestsellers saw the light of day. But at the same time, there has not yet been a situation for the manufacturer of vape devices to release a new device in collaboration with the manufacturer of the liquid. Known to all vapers, Aspire decided to release a compact POD system based on the previously presented Minican Pod specifically for one of the largest manufacturers of liquids, Brusko. It should be said right away that this is a fairly simple POD system, which is as easy to use as possible, is inexpensive and at the same time allows you to get a fairly good taste.

General information

The Aspire Brusko Minican Pod is a compact POD system equipped with a built-in medium-capacity rechargeable battery, designed to use replaceable cartridges with a built-in vaporizer for vaping e-liquids based on saline nicotine. The design of the POD system is quite simple and trivial, but at the same time it is as easy to use as possible and takes up a minimum of space in your pocket. This device is a traditional POD system that is as easy to use as possible. Due to its compact size, the device uses replaceable cartridges with a built-in high resistance evaporator for vaping liquids on salt nicotine. The Aspire Brusko Minican Pod is available in five colors - black, gray, white, red and blue.


It is quite logical that this device is equipped quite simply - this is a rather traditional POD system, which is designed for the vaper to take it out of the box, fill it with liquid and steam. The vaper will find in the box:

  • Battery pack Brusko Minican Battery,
  • Brusko Minican Pod Cartridge,
  • USB charging cable,
  • Warranty card,
  • User guide.

Battery pack Brusko Minican Battery

Naturally, skeptical vapers, looking at the Aspire Brusko Minican Pod, can say that there are a lot of similar devices already presented, but on the other hand, it is a convenient device that is produced by a well-known company with a world name for an equally well-known Russian manufacturer. It should be said right away that the Aspire Brusko Minican Pod is very similar (to be honest, it is identical) to the Aspire Minican Pod, but, nevertheless, it is produced as a standalone device.

The Aspire Brusko Minican Pod looks pretty standard and familiar, as it is actually a small remnant, but at the same time this particular form factor is not only time-tested, but also considered one of the most successful for POD systems. The device is small - 73 * 15.5 * 28 mm, so it will not interfere or delay the smallest pocket in jeans, and it weighs only about 25 grams. The POD system is made of soft-touch plastic, so it won't slip out of your hand, even if you grip it with wet fingers.

The device operates at a power of 12-15 watts, which is provided by a built-in 350 mAh battery - not very much, but if you consider that the device is designed to use strong liquids with saline nicotine, then the Aspire Brusko Minican Pod will not have the worst autonomy. The battery is charged using the micro-USB connector located at the bottom of the device with a current of 1A.

Considering that the Aspire Brusko Minican Pod is a fairly traditional POD system, it doesn't have any controls, but it comes with all the protections you need to safely use it. Tightening activation with noise sensor. The only LED located on the case signals the activation of the device, charging and the battery charge level.

Brusko Minican Pod Cartridge

The Aspire Brusko Minican Pod System is small, so it makes sense that it uses replaceable cartridges with built-in vaporizers. In the battery pack, the cartridge is held in the traditional way - by means of magnets.

The manufacturer provides only one type of cartridges for this device - with a built-in evaporator on a 1 Ohm grid, but the evaporator is quite successful, since there will be no problems with taste. Tightening adjustment is not provided.

Filling the cartridge is extremely simple - it is removed from the battery pack, turned over, the silicone plug opens and 3 ml of liquid is poured, which is not so little for such a compact device.

Conclusions and impressions

The Aspire Brusko Minican Pod is nothing new and revolutionary, it is a simple and reliable POD system that is great for both novice and experienced vapers. Due to its compact size, good taste, ease of use and maintenance, the Aspire Brusko Minican Pod will become an indispensable device for vaping liquids on salt nicotine.


Purpose: Landscaping

Bloom: Continuous

Flower size: up to 12 cm

Plant height: up to 3 m and more

Attitude to light: light / partial shade

Winter hardiness: average

Chromaticity: Yellow


A bright light will attract even the most fleeting eye. Approaching the light, you will find a flower Kampsis rooting Flava (Flava) juicy yellow color.

During mass flowering, the bush Kampsis Flava emits sunlight. Large funnel-shaped yellow flowers are collected in inflorescences, which fill the liana with bulky bouquets. Flowering begins in July and ends in autumn. Vine flowers are replaced by pods with seeds similar to beans, which can later be used for planting. We must be prepared for unexpected guests, since different insects will visit the flower to feast on nectar.

Flava creeper sapling has a high growth rate, so it can increase by 3 m per year. The plant itself, as a rule, does not exceed 8 meters. Fortunately, for many gardeners, Kampsis is not whimsical or afraid of pruning, which you can do annually to ration the shrub. In winter, you need to protect your campsis with additional shelter.

Landing of Kamsis Flav produced in a well-lit place, the soil must be fertile, then it will grow better. Watering should also be moderate. Closer to winter, pruning of old stems is recommended; over the summer, the vine grows rapidly. Propagated by seeds, root shoots and cuttings. In regions with low temperatures in winter, it is recommended to cover the plant with spruce branches or other available materials, after carefully folding the stems on the ground.

Delivery of seedlings of Kampsis Flava (Flava) carried out using the services of Russian post and transport companies, delivery by air mail and courier is possible. Lianas are delivered in special containers P9.

In order to order and buy seedlings of Kampsis Flava (Flava) in our online store of seedlings and flowers, use the "Add to cart" button, after filling which, click "Place an order".