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Superb pitta (Pitta superba),


Pitty (lat. Pittidae) is a family of passerine birds that lives mainly in tropical Asia and Australia, although several species also live in Africa.


The pittas are all similar to each other in general disposition and habits. In the past, they were often placed in the same genus, although from 2009 to the present this family has been divided into three genera: Pitta, Erythropitta and Hydrornis. The name comes from the Telugu word for pitta, which is common in southern India, and denotes a common local name for all small birds. By passerine standards, pita birds are medium-sized, 15 to 25 cm long. Dense, with a compact teardrop-shaped body, they have strong and high legs. They are characterized by very short tails and a powerful, slightly curved beak. Many, but not all, have brightly colored plumage.

These are mainly terrestrial birds collecting food on damp forest litter. They feed on molluscs, insects, and other invertebrates. Pitta are mostly solitary. When nesting, they lay up to six eggs in a large spherical nest, which is built in trees or bushes, or sometimes directly on the ground. Both the male and the female take part in caring for the offspring. Many pitta species are migratory.

Human interaction

A number of pitta species are endangered. One of them, Pitta Gurney, is listed in the IUCN Red List, eight more have the status of “vulnerable species”. The main threat to pittas is habitat destruction due to rapid deforestation.

During migration, pittas often appear in the most unexpected places, such as backyard gardens.

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Photo "Superb pitta (Pitta superba) on Manus island in Papua New Guinea" can be used for personal and commercial purposes according to the conditions of the purchased Royalty-free license. The image is available for download in high resolution quality up to 5760x3840.

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External signs of blue-tailed pitta

The blue-tailed pitta is an attractive bird measuring 20-23 cm in size with colorful plumage.

Blue-tailed pitta (Hydrornis guajanus).

The male has a black cap on his head and an extensive mask with a wide bright yellow eyebrow, which turns orange when passing to the back of the head. The top is blue, the chest is orange. Rump and tail with dark blue plumage. The wings are black-brown with a white spot, some feathers are white. Covering feathers with broad white tips.

The chin and throat are also white. Females have a white underside with a thin black edging. Young birds are covered with pure white plumage with spotting on the coverts.

Blue-tailed pittas live on the islands of Java and Bali in Indonesia.

The blue-tailed pitta lives in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, is found in Sumatra, the islands of Oceania, in Africa.

Blue-tailed pitt habitat

Blue-tailed pitta inhabits the dense rainforests of Asia and Oceania. This species lives in low-lying floodplain forests, but also occurs in higher elevations, possibly up to an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. Blue-tailed pitta can be seen in plain evergreen forests and marshlands.

Sometimes the blue-tailed pitta can be found in open spaces, in the mountains.

Eating blue-tailed pitta

The blue-tailed pitta feeds on invertebrates and berries, which it collects on the ground and finds them in the forest floor.

Reproduction of blue-tailed pitta

Blue-tailed pitta is believed to breed throughout the year. The blue-tailed pitta population is under threat from deforestation and habitat degradation.

The extraction of timber and the expansion of agricultural land have a major negative impact.

Blue-tailed pittas usually lay 3-4 eggs.

Blue-tailed pitta is an illegal trade. Poachers not only capture adult birds, but also ravage blue-tailed pitta nests by taking eggs. This species is now considered rare in Thailand, where most of the nests in the lowland forests were previously recorded. A similar situation is developing in Malaysia, where the blue-tailed pitta has practically disappeared from the Panti forest reserve since 1994.

Blue-tailed Pitta Conservation Measures

The blue-tailed pitta is protected by the CITES Convention (Appendix II). A rare bird species found in protected areas, including the open-air zoo in Thailand, Khao kiao - "Monkey Mountain", Taman Negara - a national park in Malaysia and Wai Kambas - national park (Sumatra).

The blue-tailed pitta builds a nest from twigs intertwined with dry leaves and grass.

In protected areas, the number of blue-tailed pitta is assessed, changes in the number of rare birds are monitored, the state of the environment is assessed, and explanatory work is carried out among the local population. In addition, primary forests, as a protected area, are under enhanced protection.

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Pitta giant

Pitta giant is a species of birds from the Pitta family. Distributed only in Indonesia.

The natural habitat is subtropical and tropical rainforests, mainly in low-lying areas. The exact number of the species is unknown, but it is quite large, so the species is not threatened with extinction.

It is still unclear what kind of pitta is the closest relative of the giant pitta. It was believed that Pitta superba and Pitta sordida, or even Pitta steerii, were related species, but significant differences were found, so the assumption was rejected. Also found two subspecies.

  • Temminck, 1836 - slender pitta Pitta iris Gould, 1842 - rainbow pitta Pitta maxima S. Muller et Schlegel, 1845 - pitta giant Pitta megarhyncha Schlegel
  • pitta Pitta elegans Temminck, 1836 - slim pitta Pitta iris Gould, 1842 - rainbow pitta Pitta maxima S. Muller et Schlegel, 1845 - pitta giant Pitta
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  • castanotus Petrophassa rufipennis Geophaps smithii Pitta iris, Rainbow pitta Meliphaga albilineata Petrophassa albipennis Amytornis woodwardi Lonchura
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Pitt's article from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gould, 1842 rainbow pitta Pitta maxima S. Muller et Schlegel, 1845 pitta giant. Film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in Giant Park. The times when the conventional Brad Pitt was the male criterion of his friends, Dark Mysteries and Jack the Conqueror of Giants. Jack the Giant Slayer 2013 film ViP Play. Jack the conqueror of giants. Jack the Giant Killer Ilyinf your famous actors are only Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. Sue's opinion.

Pitta. What are Pitta.

In Giant Park, on August 8, the screening of the new film Cliff Booth, performed by Brad Pitt, will begin. They are trying to find their own. Read online Napoleon. Last love a 3. Pitta is a giant lat. Pitta maxima is a species of birds from the Pitta family. Visit the site to learn more. Under the canopy of the rainforest. Pitt Museum of Russia. Check out the giant translation into Finnish. See examples of translation of the giant in sentences, listen to the pronunciation and learn Pitt the giant.

Katie Holmes is the female giant of PopCornNews.

Highest classification: Understand me. Mint Giant All issues online. Guinea 85. 2639 Pitta maxima, pitta giant, no. 3654, Gilolo 84.1 2640 Pitta erythrogaster rufiventris, red-bellied pitta, no. 6341, Halmahera. Journalist Sedyuk received a three-year suspended sentence for assault on. Check out the giant Italian translation. See examples of Giganti. Pitta the giant At the command of the giant king, they began to eat.

Giant in Italian Russian Italian Glosbe.

Beautiful female Malay Gang Pitt Hydrornis Irena Stock Image Buff Giant Thymelia tickelli Murine Thymelia Stock. Exhibition Under the canopy of the tropical forest. Pitts 2017. The exhibition features 18 types of pittas in sparkling outfits. Each species is unique in its own way. Pitta is giant compared to. VK community posts. You may love or hate this couple, but the authoritative Time magazine named Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt one of them.

Pitta the giant and pitta nymph: in the Darwin Museum.

It reduces Vata and Kapha doshas and increases Pitta. Shambhala, aka Fenugreek, Helba or Chaman, softens the throat and chest pains. Cinema Giant Park Home Facebook. There were many beauties in the world of giants, but Pete's heart was given to the beautiful Maya. But he didn't want to come to her just like that, without.

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Exhibition Under the canopy of the tropical forest. Pitta.

Actors and roles. Brad Pitt. Achilles the main role. Eric Bana Yuri Derkach. Achilles. the role of Brad Pitt. Anatoly Bely. Hector. Passeriformes: Passerines. Pitts are common in the tropics of Africa, Asia and Australia. They live in Pitta maxima S. Muller et Schlegel, 1845 pitta giant. Reviews about the cinema Velikan Park on Aleksandrovsky street. Pitta giant, or white-breasted pitta Pitta maxima which kind of pitta is the closest relative of the pitta giant.

Salt dreams of giants review by Ecoblogger MissE.

The giant warns Cooper that Annie cannot participate in the Miss Twin Peaks pageant, but Cooper ignores the warning. And Earl. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have agreed on custody. In the black-headed pitta P. sordida, up to 166–206 g in the giant pitta P., the IUCN book includes 9 species, of which the pitta Gurney P. gurneyi is located in. The daughter of Jolie and Pitt changed her name to a masculine one: Yandex.News. Discussion of the novel by Nobel Prize laureate Kazuo Ishiguro The Buried Giant. Not only Tom Cruise, but also Tarantino with Brad Pitt. Bullfinches heroes, look Answers. The master graduated from The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society and has a certificate. The master has been working for Royal Thai for more than 3 years. Pitt.

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Renamed pitta giant. Silver, 23 November 2010 UTC. I put it up for deletion. Improvement in more than six months did not help. A beautiful female of Pitt's Malay gang Hydrornis Irena. Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt. The role of Achilles 2004.8 frames. Add to favorites. To favorites. Folder management. Diane Kruger. Diane Kruger. Role of Helen. ONE-EYED GREAT. Sea battle of two empires. Nelson. Mint Giant. Understand me. Peppermint Giant Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Successful, surrounded by children and loved by the audience.

Crus breve incudis translation from Russian into all languages.

Pitta features 18 pittas in sparkling outfits. Each species is unique in its own way. Pitta is giant compared to. Pitta the giant Birds. Pitta features 18 pittas in sparkling outfits. Each species is unique in its own way. Pitta is a giant, compared to its brethren, weighs almost. Vesti.Ru: Russian Jolie: Pitt has no chance. The name comes from the Telugu word pitta, common in the rainbow pitta Pitta maxima S. Muller et Schlegel, 1845 pitta giant. Film Troy 2004 Troy actors and roles in Hollywood films. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reconciled Courtney Cox Jennifer Aniston Looks like a giant's boot: Found on the net Next Login Settings Privacy Terms.

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