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Crested pigeon


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Order - Columbiformes

Family - Pigeons (Columbidae)

Crested Dove (Ocyphaps lophotes)


The crested pigeon has a relatively slender and long body. On the head there is a long tuft of thin feathers. The head, throat, goiter, chest and abdomen are from gray to light gray. The back of the neck, back, upper tail are light brown with a copper-green tint. The sides of the body are clove-red, on the wings black and white transverse stripes on a shiny bronze background. The bill is dark, with a gray base and the beak strongly bent downward. The tail is long, wedge-shaped, stepped, brown. Low legs, the middle fingers of which are equal to the length of the metatarsus. The length of the crested pigeon is 32-34 cm, the length of the tail is 14.5 cm.


Distributed in Australia, where it inhabits areas overgrown with shrubs and individual trees, as well as gardens and city parks.


It feeds on small insects, green parts of plants, bulbs, tubers, seeds, including the seeds of numerous weeds.


Egg incubation lasts 17-19 days, chicks leave the nest at the age of 3 weeks, but for about 2 more weeks they are fed by their parents.

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The flight of crested pigeons is different from other pigeons. Taking off, the crested pigeon makes several quick flaps of its wings, and then rises, apparently, no longer moving them. Flying off a branch, it raises its tail, retracts its head, and then flaps its wings.

Like all pigeons, it creates pairs. These pairs gather in large flocks of up to 30,000 or more birds.