Bird Families

The ballad of the hook-billed philidor


Remember Willie, the hook-billed philidor
One night I flew into your yard.
It was quiet and dark that night.
They ate melon, drank pisco and wine.
The philidor hovers over our courtyard,
And then he began to go down in circles.
First of all, I screwed up the cake.
Rivka's mom screamed, "This is the devil!"

Of course you remember, Willie, that night.
All the neighbors came running to help us.
Chief hunter - Escobar, drug lord,
Could catch not philidors, but ravens.
He chased with a long stick and shouted.
Philidor did not notice him at all.
And then the legless general came.
The scoundrel gave a shit to his bald head.

We caught this bird until the morning
And, in fact, they didn’t get a shit.
Until now this hell would go on
But in the morning Soledad appeared.
The aunt pulled out an old carabiner
And she put a few pellets into the bird.
Then a terrible cry pierced the neighborhood,
And the crooked old man fell to the ground.

He touched the wounded stomach with his hands.
Blood oozed between his fingers like compote.
For more than an hour he rolled around the yard,
He took down the chicken coop and the dog kennel.
Fernando the dog barked twice and fell silent
I got scared and thought "what a nutcase?"
Finally the old man said in a low "ooh"
He turned into a bald cat and died.

On the same morning, all relatives went bald.
Neither you nor me have hair.
Escobar and Soledad have gone bald.
Bald kids go to kindergarten.
Everyone lost their baldness, and only the general
On prosthetics, he escaped to Acapulco.
He was bald even before these troubles,
But he dashed off to Acapulco like a fool.

troubadurite honor by honor Alexander
(here the oleander would have messed up the rhyme),
but the embarrassment of homebrew cassandras:
the fucking general did not ride in vain
in Acapulco - there he was known as a radical,
forbidden reflection of mirrors?