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Where did Strofilus (Stratim = Strafil-bird = Strefil) get her name?
From various mythological sources:
Ancient legends say that Stratim-bird - the progenitor of all birds - lives on the sea-ocean, like Alkonost. When Stratimbird screams, a terrible storm rises. And even if she just guides her with a wing, the sea waves, sways. But if the Stratim-bird takes off, then such ramparts rise up that the sea sinks ships, opens up the deepest abysses and washes away the cities and forests from the shores. In this sense, she is like the Sea King.
In some legends, she helps the hero get out of the deserted island and fly to the ground - for the fact that he saves and has mercy on her chicks.
... And she was so huge that she could fit all the white light under her right wing.

A strange and mysterious prophecy has survived: "When Stratim trembles in the second hour after midnight, then all the roosters all over the earth will sing, and the whole earth will light up at that time."
// A source: //

Modern researchers point out two birds that "gave the name" to the Stophilus-bird:
Strausa (strufokamil, strkokamil) / // source //
And the Secret in Pushkin's Poetry -

In the draft (UNCENSORED) manuscript of Pushkin in the TALE OF THE FISHERMAN AND THE FISH, there are such lines -

The old woman says to the old man:
"And I want to be a Pope."

"Good, she will be the pope."
The old man returned to the old woman -
Before him is a Latin monastery,
On the walls latin monks
They sing the Latin Mass.
Before him is the Tower of Babel,
At the very top at the crown
His old old woman is sitting,
The old woman is wearing a Sorochin hat,
There is a Latin crown on the cap,
There is a thin knitting needle on the crown,
There is a bird on the STROFILUS spoke.
The old man bowed to the old woman,
Shouted to her in a loud voice:
"Hello, you old woman,
I am happy with your darling tea. "

STRATIM refers to the elements of AIR and WATER.
In some legends, she helps the hero get out of the deserted island and fly to the ground - for the fact that he saves and has mercy on her chicks.

The bird STROFILUS (or Strafil) is mentioned in the "spiritual verse", which has long been famous in Russia, about the divine Pigeon Book, which, as the verse says, fell from heaven to tell people the secrets of the origin of the world and the prophecy of its end:

Strafil is a fluttering bird,
All the blue sea of ​​wax,
Tady waking up time is the last one.

Or such a translation - A.N. Afanasyeva:
The strafil-bird is the mother of all birds.
- Pachamu Strafil-bird - mother of all birds?
- Why does she live on the blue sea,
Keep the white light under the right wing,
The strafil-bird of the scarecrow, -
All the blue sea of ​​voskalybaitsa,
Flood the ships of the living room
Sy Tavara Sy overseas,
Sy those people sy Maskovskiy.
// from Pigeon Book - //

STRATIM-BIRD - Incarnation of Stribog, Lord of Wind and Sea. According to the definitions of the Vedas of Past Russia, ALCANOSA replaces. In THIS LEGEND, Wisdom is Hidden - by the Pore and Awareness will come.
Let us comprehend the reading of the Word-concept with the Knowledge of the LETTER:
one.The Word Confirmed by the Power of Light (Above or by the Great Sage) in a certain form (at a Specific Time) by the harmony of Thinking - to the Sage!
2. A certain connecting form (Image) of the Energy of Thought, Affirming the connection with the Truth through Spirituality (as a complementary understanding of the abstract Essence of the Word - "bird" ...).
3. The Energy of the Division of the Power of the Spirit in thinking that came from Above.

These 3 variants of Comprehension show why STRATIM is connected Allegorically with the SEA-OCEAN
(OKE - Eyes - eyes - vision, both ordinary and spiritual - Review of Images with their Allegory.
AN - the Son of God ... SEA - the vastness of Thinking in Life)
and by the WIND - by Spiritual Power and personal Spirituality. (since the BIRD is a Spiritual Image.)
This is why this Birdie is for us, like the MOTHER (see the essence of
Well, STORMS are manifestations of Spiritual indignation in Nature (Literally - Elements on the Sea and Land) through the sensory tissues of Human thinking, i.e. as a MIRROR REFLECTION of our THINKING - RETURN for Actions Human Thoughts and Words ...
But, we can say about It and how - TRANSFORMATION of Negative Energy of Thought by the Nature of the EARTH.
One WING is in Air, the other is in Water - the Essence of Spiritual-Sensual Connection in the Field (Ocean) of Thinking.

Well, according to the PROPHECY - "Roosters" have been singing for a long time. "Listen."

To everything, see ALKONOST - (Bird of Joy)
Alkonost is equal in GAMAYUN Mythology (Bird Bulletin - to whom, not the fact that sadness ...)

And what if there is some hidden meaning in the word STROFILUS.

Stanza - Stanza, (ancient Greek. "Turn") - a combination of lines in a poem that have a certain metric, rhythmic, intonational-syntactic structure, in rhymed poetry also a rhyme scheme.
The STROPHIC forms in Western European poetry include: monostychs, Dante's terzines, Verlaine's quatrains (F, tes galantes), sextines, etc. (from Wikipedia)
Phil is a river in Ireland. (- as the essence of the River of Life.)
Fila - / f. / 1. Generic unit, equal to the tribe (in Ancient Greece under the primitive communal system). 2. Territorial unit (in Ancient Greece under the slave system). // //
Phila (phylum, English Phylum) is a taxon of linguistic taxonomy, denoting the highest level of hierarchy in the classification of languages. (from linguistics)
Silt is a fine-grained soft rock made from a mixture of mineral and organic substances, deposited at the bottom of streams and reservoirs. (Allegory - the soil of spiritual growth)
Mustache: A mustache is the hair that grows on a person's upper lip. (Spiritual and sensual power, as the image of Samson's Hair / / or

Well, what do we have to see from this.

1. Spiritual and sensual rhythm of the soil of development in line with the cause-and-effect relationship.
2. The Highest Sensual Principle, which controls the spiritual direction of the development of thinkers.
* In general, we add to the conclusions - It also rewards by aspiration!